Simple Dog Steps™ – Family Friendly Dog Training in South Jersey and Philadelphia!


  • Have you bought a puppy, and would like to ensure they get off to a good start?
  • Are you thinking of buying a puppy, and need some general advice?
  • Do you have a dog, large or small who could use some guidance, whether they behave badly or simply want to learn new tricks?
  • Have you thought about dog training in the past, only to worry that it was too complicated to follow, or that you couldn’t fit it into your family’s busy schedule?


Welcome to Simple Dog Steps™, where we work with you, your family, and your dog to structure a personal dog training plan that works for you all! Not only will you benefit from the advantages of a more obedient dog, but we use primarily positive reinforcement  dog training methods (including clicker training) which results in a happier, more relaxed best friend.


Whether you have an older dog, a young puppy, or are even just thinking about bringing in a new canine addition to your family, let us be your guide. A single consultation before you get your puppy can save you a whole heap of problems and expense down the road – We have advice and guidance on everything from breed information, exercise requirements and ‘family fit’, to potty training, crate training, chewing, nipping and obedience / behavioral issues. Learn how to have your dog walk happily on a loose leash without unnecessary prong collars.


Please take some time to look around the site – if you would like to arrange a consultation, or simply want to find out more about what we have to offer, then please contact us for a no obligation quote! Based in Sicklerville NJ, we provide dog training services in South Jersey and Philadelphia, and offer discounts for booked multiple sessions.


Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!


- Neil Bell

Simple Dog Steps LLC

Family Friendly Dog Training in South Jersey and Philadelphia


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